Handcrafting innovative brands, logo design and packeging.

Some recent work i'm proud of

How I work


Coffee, a paper, a pen and let's do this. You tell me your wish. When we talk about it and it is clear what you want, I start working.


I think about the idea at home and create some drafts. Then we meet again where I present you my ideas and you decide if you like them.


In collaboration with you I finish the project. After the realization of the project I am always available for all the upgrades and new ideas.

I create a graphic image and
the interior spaces of companies.

Pepermint dental Team :
I designed the interior look of this dental office. I imagined the design should be a bit different. My wish was to make the office nice and fresh and to emphasize the lightness of the spaces. Therefore an idea of nice, smiling and happy faces of people came to my mind and those pictures are now on the wall. In the waiting room I added a tree with a bench underneath it, so we get a feeling like we are in a park, where we relax, even though we are actually waiting for the dentist, which isn't so stressful anymore.

Čakula bar:
I started this project with a picture of three content customers, who are chatting in a nice andelegant bar after shopping. Later on, at the request of the owners, I also designed other decorations, glass panning (for greater intimacy of conversations), big bar boards, a Smothie corner and more ...

I produce work which forms
emotional connections with your




Let's create something amazing