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All of our products are handmade, so the design can take into account the natural laws of wood. You will be surprised by the feeling that our products give when viewed and touched.


By carefully selecting the materials, processing methods and appropriate protective layering, we were able to achieve a high standard of quality, durability and maintenance-free product. Repairing any damage that may occur is relatively easy.


Our products are achieving a technical standard, which makes them easy to install and maintain. From this point of view, they do not differ from any other conventional sinks, tables, chairs or other products.

Have you ever woken up into a cold morning,
stepped into the bathroom
to prepare yourself for another stressful day?

But what if you had a beautiful wooden sink,
that would make you feel like you woke up
in nature and give you a calming feeling ?

We can create together

You can choose between different types of wood, shapes and finish layers. You can monitor your piece of furniture while we are creating it, which adds a special pleasure to the product when using it later.


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Our Showroom is an old Istrian house that my husband and me renovated. It is positioned in the village of Korte, above Izola, Slovenia. If you want to visit us, check out the products, touch and feel them, you are more than welcome. Let us know the date and time of your visit and we will be glad to show you our products.


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My name is Natja. I am a graphic designer and a sculptor.
I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. I built my first wooden sink for my own home.
From these humble beginnings I now designs and manufactures wooden sinks and other furniture for home interiors.

Love for natural beauty