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Pear wood coffee table

This type of coffee table is made out of a 25 year old dried Slovenian pear wood. It brings a sense of comfort into our home and has a very aesthetic look to it. The upper layer is made by sanding the surface of the wood, but still in keeping with its natural form. Three of the table legs are made of wood and are held in place with metal fixtures. The fourth table leg is made of iron, shaped into a square. This allows you to store items inside it, such as newspapers, books or other similar objects. The wood is protected with a special oil on which not even the stains of red wine, coffee or oil are visible. The iron parts are presented in a raw look.

Dimensions :
cm: 144 x 74(one side)-35 x 40 cm
inch: 56.7” x 29” (one side)-13.8” x 15.8”